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3D Train Studio Professional V3

only €39.90

More features

The professional version of the 3D Train Studio extends the software with useful features and content, which can be used for planning and simulation of even more complex layouts.

  •  Extend the layout planning using professional layer tools
  •  Manage layouts with unlimited size
  •  Construct your own tracks and import 3D models from any source
  •  Connect the 3D Train Studio with external applications, like Rocrail
  •  Share your layouts with other users of the community
  • Supported track widths: Z, N, TT, H0, 0, 1, Ilm, G
  • Available track manufactures: Arnold, Atlas, Bemo, Busch, Fleischmann, Hübner, Kato, Lenz, LGB, Lima, Märklin, Peco, Piko, Pilz, Power-Loc, Roco, Rokuhan, Thiel, Tillig, TTfiligran, Tomix, Trix
  • Special tracks like HaBi (BillerBahn) or monorail tracks
  • Scale-correct positioning with automatic snapping and support for flex tracks
Track vehicles
  • Realistic train and wagon models, ranging from historic locomotives to modern high-speed trains
  • Fully animated 3D models with push rod animations, extensible pantographs, movable wagon doors, locomotive steam and much more
  • Cockpit views with a freely moving 360° camera
  • Locomotive sounds
  • Access to the online catalog with over 6000 additional components, like buildings, streets, vehicles, vegetation and landscape parts
  • Free download of new 3D models
  • Adding own track definitions and 3D models from any source (3DS or DirectX format)
  • Sharing layouts with other users of the 3D Train Studio
  • Management of unlimited layers for logical structuring of layouts
  • Free design of the landscape with tunnels and various height and painting tools
  • Support of shadow stations and complex track constructions like helix or ladder tracks
  • Different layout views, in 3D or as technical drawing
  • Easy to use user interface, both for single or multi-monitors
  • Automation of complete rail operations through an integrated event management
  • Special effects like fire, snow, clouds or depth-of-field and real 3D sound for realistic simulations
  • Dynamic switching between day and night mode
  • Connecting the 3D Train Studio with external applications for more features, like synchronizing real and virtual layouts with the help of Rocrail
  • Open programming interface (API) for controlling the 3D Train Studio by own applications
  • Optional download of a DVD version for accessing the catalog without a fast Internet connection
  • Online help with detailed explanations and sample videos
  • Community forums with personal support for questions and problems concerning the virtual model making
Secure order process
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  •  Fast - Instant activation after purchasing
  •  Secure - Pay with PayPal, credit card or by bank transfer, secured with encrypted transmission
3D Train Studio Professional V3

For Windows 32/64 Bit, Internet connection required

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