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The 3D Train Studio is an easy-to-use application for planning your perfect model railway, right on your own PC. Construct your layouts with thousands of tracks in all popular track widths, detailed and true to scale.



Create a landscape of mountains and valleys, place houses and trees along streets and roads and construct your own miniature world - with realistic 3D graphics and in real time.



Enter the virtual model railway and simulate complete rail operations, including animated barriers, signals or road vehicles, automatically or by specially defined events.

Download now and start planning

Get into the world of model train simulations, with the free standard version of the 3D Train Studio.



Searching for videos about 3D Train Studio? Please visit our official YouTube channel.

Planning - Construction - Simulation

The 3D Train Studio is an easy-to-use windows application for planning and simulation of model railways on your own PC. With a set of numerous tracks and components you can create individual layouts and realize all your ideas, regardless of whether you rebuild your model railway in real or just start playing with your virtual miniature world on your PC.

Highlights of the 3D Train Studio
  •  Over 1500 different tracks of well known manufactures and track widths like H0, N, Z, TT and 1 from Arnold, Bemo, Fleischmann, Hübner, Kato, Lenz, LGB, Lima, Märklin, Peco, Piko, Pilz, Roco, Rokuhan, Tillig, Tomix and Trix
  •  Realistic train and wagon models, ranging from historic locomotives to modern high-speed trains
  •  Online catalog with frequently new content such as buildings, roads, cars, vegetation and landscape elements, free provided by the community
  •  Support of multiple layers for shadow stations and complex track layouts
  •  Cockpit views with a freely moving camera for a 360° view
  •  Automation of complete rail operations through an integrated event management for controlling locomotives or switching turnouts and signals

3D Train Studio Professional

3D Train Studio offers a free entry into model train planning. In addition, the professional version also allows the planning and simulation of complex model railway layouts and also includes additional content and features.






49,90 Euro*

Available track systems All All
Free design of the landscape    
Cockpit views    
Event management for simulation of rail operations    
Access to the online catalog with thousands of additional models    
Full layer support Max. 3 layers  
Management of complex layouts Limited to 150 objects per layout  
Define your own tracks and components -  
Share layouts with other users -  
Connect to external applications (like Rocrail) -  
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* Users of an older professional version get the latest version at a reduced price, with a discount of up to 25%.